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Reprint collections are an oft-spoken topic in Archives. They present the problem of being redundant and yet they give some information about their owners. By their nature, they are not unique, hence the name “reprint”. At the MVZ Archives, we … Continue reading

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Emergency Procedures

In our previous post, we mentioned that Miller’s memo was found in a folder of emergency procedures. We didn’t appreciate immediately how fascinating those procedures were. They were put together in 1942 and they describe the types of gas attacks Americans were expecting and … Continue reading

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MVZ Lunch beginnings

The MVZ brown bag lunch is a must for MVZ students and personnel. It is a graduate level seminar and it is mostly focused on current or recent vertebrate research. In addition to being a seminar, it is a chance … Continue reading

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MVZ Veterans

As is often the case, we came upon a historical document quite by accident. Originally searching for an obituary of Elmer C. Aldrich, we found in his papers, an old MVZ Christmas newsletter from 1943. It contains a list acknowledging … Continue reading

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Robert C. Stebbins (1915-2013)

As the Museum Archivist at the MVZ, I have come across Robert Stebbins in many forms. Early on in the CLIR grant, we accessioned his personal papers. This was my introduction to Bob and I was surprised by the breadth … Continue reading

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