Joseph Grinnell Lecture Series

Today, Professor Jim McGuire gave the introductory lecture to IB104. Over 75 years ago, Joseph Grinnell was teaching Zoology 113, the predecessor to IB104. The MVZ Archives has a rich collection surrounding this storied course including Joseph Grinnell’s lecture series for Zoology 113. This series is comprised of an entire year’s worth of lectures. And these are no ordinary lecture notes. They are sprinkled with Grinnell’s ideas on various concepts, detailed listings of maps, specimens and photos used during lectures, lab assignments, and announcements to give. Like all things in Archives, it’s fascinating to observe what has changed, and more interestingly, what hasn’t. I hope you enjoy Grinnell’s Introductory Lecture notes from January 18, 1938 and his announcement regarding Saturday field trips.

Introduction to Zool 113

Introduction to Zool 113

Announcement for Saturday field trips


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